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Mix Drop

Because we're strange

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We all love to share our favourite music. We like to think that if people were just given the chance to hear this music they would be eternaly grateful. Well this community is for the discussion of 'mix dropping'.

Mix dropping is the action of taking a mix tape/cd/minidisc that you made and just leaving it somewhere for someone to find.

Maybe I'm crazy thinking that this is a cool thing to do but oh well I'm gonna do it. If just one person replies (all good mix droppers put their email address on the mix, dummy) and gives me feedback I'll be happy. Yes, I'm easily pleased.

You can drop in charity shops (remember to price them yourself. Check how much they usually charge beforehand), at gigs, people's pockets and bags when they are not looking. If you're single just think of the possiblities of impressing people you fancy with your great taste in music! And if they don't like it, who cares cuz they have no taste! fool proof.

So, if anybody joins it would be cool if you post the mix and where you've tried dropping and if you've had any feedback. Oh, and don't forget to mention this community on the mix.

Happy dropping. ladyshoes